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Portraits of LGBT+ History: Chavela Vargas

August 31, 2022

*Chavela Vargas* Here is the 3rd portrait of the “Portraits of LGBT+ History” series. Chavela Vargas was actually the person who sparked the whole idea behind the project. I learned about her from an aquaintance from Colombia, who recommended the documentary about her and I was blown away. It made me realize that my knowledge […]

Portraits of LGBT+ History: Bayard Rustin

August 11, 2022

*Bayard Rustin* And another part to the series of “Portraits of LGBT+ History” has arrived: Bayard Rustin!  A dedicated activist, brilliant organizer and key part of the Civil Rights Movement, Bayard Rustin nonetheless often gets overlooked by history. Most likely because of his homosexuality. But even though he often became a target because of his […]

Portraits of LGBT+ History – Colette

July 22, 2022

*Colette* Welcome to this (semi) new project that I’ve been cooking up! In this new series I’ll highlight a historic queer figure that you’ve may not known about!  As a queer person myself I’ve always been interested in LGBT+ history, and I love discovering how rich and diverse it actually is. And I also feel […]

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