Welcome to this (semi) new project that I’ve been cooking up! In this new series I’ll highlight a historic queer figure that you’ve may not known about! 

As a queer person myself I’ve always been interested in LGBT+ history, and I love discovering how rich and diverse it actually is. And I also feel like there is just so little education about this topic, so I decided to share the things that I’ve learned through my art. This way I can shine a light on some fascinating queer people that came before us, and learn something new myself! 

Originally this was meant as a series of static portraits, but I always felt that it wasn’t quite the right fit for this project. The switch to making it youtube shorts felt like a no-brainer, and I’m really excited to continue working on the project this way going forward! So for now, I’ll update the two other portraits I’ve done (Bayard Rustin and Chavela Vargas) and after that the series will continue on as normal with some really fascinating people I can’t wait to talk about! 

I hope you enjoy this new format, and are also excited to learn about some fascinating queer history! 

Here are some more thoughts...