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Who am I?

Just a human trying to create stuff

Oh hey there! My name is Cleo Rinofner, I´m a freelance illustrator, comic artist and generally creative person based in Graz, Austria. Y´know, the little European country everybody confuses with Australia. We are the ones with the yodeling and Mozart, not the ones with kangaroos and Steve Irwin. Crikey!

This here is my little spot on the internet where you´ll find my illustration and comic work, projects, thoughts and other bits and pieces. Feel free to look around, take a breather and enjoy some art! 

And hey, maybe we can work together and create some interesting illustrations or comics that really connect with people. Because that’s what I’m all about! I want to tell stories as well as make people feel less alone in this crazy world. Especially those who already feel a bit alone.

So what do I do?

Look, the stuff!




Wait, there's more?

Yup, there is!





That´s me, just a lil illustrator from Austria, doing their thing! Stay a little while, snoop around this website, check out what I like to do! 

Oh, and if you want to see what´s the latest with me, then look no further! Right below you´ll find whatever the newest thing is that I´m working on or have already finished.

Have fun, and feel free to hang about! Oh, and don´t forget to join my monthly newsletter to always be up to date with what I am currently cooking up!

What's new?

Hear Ye

Hear Ye!

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