Psd wien / oegec (2023)

This comic was created during a workshop for drawing scientific comics led by Renate Mowlam, in cooperation with PSD Wien and OEGEC. It explains the struggles of people living with OCD.

our*bodies (2022-2023)

I have created a couple of explanatory comics about topics of gender specific medicine and reproductive health for the online health magazine our*bodies.

lumberjanes: end of summer (2020)

For BOOM! Studios‘ widely popular young adult series “Lumberjanes” I was asked to contribute to a collection of various short comics about the bitter-sweetness of the end of summer.

Lumberjanes graphic novels (2018-2020)

From 2018 to 2020 I was the artist for 3 standalone graphic novels for the series “Lumberjanes” by BOOM!Studios. All 3 books were written by Lilah Sturges and illustrated by me.